Dear GIN Family,

Sometimes we get confused when perception is taken for reality.  This is especially true in dealing with people.  How do we know if a person is truly authentic?  The ancient Hebraic text gives us a foolproof protocol which is simply “Look at the fruit they produce.”  In other words, don’t be so concerned with their words, actions, talents, skills or abilities. Simply look at the results they produce long term.

Any good tree can have a fruit or two go bad, but the majority of the crop will be “Good Fruit,” and any bad tree can have a good fruit or two hanging on it, but the overall crop can be bad and distorted.

Our lives are an open book where the world can read us. That is a good thing when our fruit is good, and our results speak louder than our words or the negative words of others.  Whenever I would challenge a theory or teaching of my Millionaire Mentor, he would look at me and say, “Don, show me your results by opposing this theory, and I will show you my results endorsing this theory.”  That shut me up every single time.  My opposing his theory resulted in my cleaning floors and toilets. By him endorsing his theory, he became a multi-millionaire.

It goes back to our GIN training: “Who do you listen to?”

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty