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A SIP of GIN for Thursday September 22, 2016

Thursday September 22, 2016

Dear GIN Family,

The key to extraordinary business and financial success is not putting all your focus on marketing methods, hard work or getting into the right business.  The real secret is to focus your attention every day on “Raising Your Vibration” and “Feeling Good” right now.  Before our work day starts, throughout our work day and at night preparing for the following day, I keep my focus on raising my vibrations of things I desire by “Thinking” about the things I desire and feeling good about them.  The energy of love, gratitude, joy, peace, excitement, expectation, hope, faith, giving, contribution and health are all “Thoughts” that raise our vibration. 

You will find this exact teaching in the ancient writings of the early Christian texts, when the Apostle Paul wrote to his followers, “If there be any virtue, if there will be any praise, think on these things”.

Here is what you should print out and paste to your wall; “I Raise my Income, Wealth, and Prosperity by Raising My Vibrations”.  This will keep you from falling in the trap of trying to work hard for what you want or trying to figure out the “How” of getting what you want.  “I feel good now” lets you know you are on the right track, what you desire is coming your way, no matter what your naked eye sees or does not see.  Your vision, your knowing, your understanding are your real eyes that you use to Be, Do and Have everything you desire.  At age 93 someone asked JC Penney how his sight was?  He replied, “my eyesight is not so good but my vision has never been better!”

JC Penney created his massive success that stands strong over a 100 years later because he directed his life not by his eyesight, but by his vision.  In GIN, our curriculum helps us build strong vision-sight, and if you do it right can improve your eyesight too!

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty
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