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A SIP of GIN for Thursday September 1, 2016

Thursday September 1, 2016

“A Sip of GIN A Day Keeps Success Coming Your Way”

Dear GIN Family,

Financial Freedom is a wonderful thing, and like Bob Proctors book is titled “You were born Rich”.  But there are many dynamics and wrong concepts surrounding money, wealth and financial freedom or satisfaction.  One is that a high income and financial freedom are the same thing.  This could be one of the most -deadliest traps to ever fall into.  Look at the many sports figures and movie stars that made millions of dollars only to end up broke.  I have a client that played for eleven years in the NFL and even played in the Super Bowl who is now flat broke.  He even had to pawn his Super Bowl Ring to pay some bills.  How does this happen?  A wrong view of money and wealth.  There comes a lot more financial challenges being rich than there are being poor.   Every year when I pay more taxes than many Americans make per year, by CPA laughs until his rear turns red and tells us, now Don and Melinda that is a very good thing.  I fail to see his humor in all that! 

However, I have been poor and I have been rich and I can tell you from personal experience, being Rich is better.  Financial Freedom has its roots in proper understanding of money and business, coupled with your understanding of energy on the bed of opportunity.  For instance, one of the first things my Millionaire Mentor taught me in 1980 was the value of saving and owning Gold bullion.  That practice alone, which I have done all these years created me a financial fortune and allowed me to capture some outstanding business opportunities.  Should you own Gold?  I have no idea, I am not a financial planner and have no preference on the method you choose to create wealth.  What I am saying is our GIN teachings tell us “Who do you listen to?” and I know for sure that most wealthy people own gold, and non-wealthy people own no gold.  A great book that just came out is “The New Case for Gold” by James Rickards that you can find at your local bookstore.

The next key, is to make investment choices based on reality and not the emotional rollercoaster of excitement like a rooster that drank from a Whiskey bottle.  This is the reason for the past twenty- five years I have surrounded myself with wise financial advisers because I will buy anything that catches my attention and that is not a pathway that leads to financial freedom.   Wealth is simply a game, but it is a game to be won, not lost.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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Diane Galloway on Sunday, 04 September 2016 23:50

This was awesome as always.I bought silver and was about to get gold when the economy sagged,However,you have encouraged me to try again Thanks

This was awesome as always.I bought silver and was about to get gold when the economy sagged,However,you have encouraged me to try again Thanks
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