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A Sip of GIN for Thursday, July 7

Dear GIN Family,

With so many people (in the millions) in pursuit of their dreams, doesn’t it seem strange so few actually attain them?  How could all that combined effort produce so little results?  When you understand some basic but highly guarded and exclusive information, the answers to those two questions are very obvious.

Once Andrew Carnegie became the Wealthiest man in America, his passion moved towards teaching the average person his Secret.  The challenge was, the information he held was extremely confidential and known primarily among wealthy people, and the wealthy had no desire to share it outside of their own private group.

Although not as nearly resistant today as it was back then, there is still closely-guarded information and training that enables you to move out of the masses who never reach their dreams into the small minority group who actually do activate, achieve and master their dreams.  I call this the Carnegie Principle, and it’s composed of twenty-four very powerful lessons, each one a University within itself.

When I was taught and Mentored these principles, my life and results took off so fast my rear turned red, green and blue!  When it happened to Napoleon Hill he wrote, “When riches financially do come, they come so fast and in such abundance you will wonder where they have been hiding all those years.”

The core principle of the entire Carnegie Principle teaching is having a conscious awareness that it is Vibration and not hard work that brings our dreams to pass.   Here is another way to phrase it: “God gave us our Invisible Mind to create the things we desire in our physical lives.”  Yet the masses believe and labor under the false premise that God gave us our backs to squeeze out a living.   The day you become aware of the Carnegie Principle and how to use it, you will become unstoppable and life will yield all the riches of the Universe to you.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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Sunday, 16 May 2021
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