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A Sip of GIN for Thursday July 28

Dear GIN Family,

Way back in 1979 when I first started working with my Millionaire Mentor, he sat me down and told me that my financial dreams, business dreams, relationship dreams and personal dreams depended upon an important skill, and that skill was my ability to “Communicate Well.”  He told me, “Don, unless you learn how to get your message across in a clear and simple manner, you will always struggle in life and business.”  That started my journey on learning how to become an effective communicator.  When you read these daily messages, much is said in a very short amount of time and space because I have mastered the ability to communicate well.

Speaking well is a skill we must learn and develop, and the more we are professionally trained, the more proficient we become.  Many confuse the “Gift to Gab” with being a good speaker and communicator.  The best speakers in the world are able to teach thirty years of wisdom and experience in a forty-five-minute presentation.  I remember many years ago, a sales manager was complaining about one of his salesman’s performance.  I told him that his salesman could double and triple his sales, and it would only cost him five dollars.  The manager looked at me and asked me, “How?”  I said, “Buy him a roll of duct tape for his mouth. He talks to his prospects too darn much.”

Using the power of proper communication has created more millionaires in business and has built extraordinary relationships for millions of people around the world.  They have truly learned how to “Speak and Grow Rich.”   I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity you can to enhance your speaking and communicating skills. 

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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Thursday, 21 October 2021
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