Dear GIN Family,

Most people have fantasied about having a Wealthy Uncle who leaves them behind his vast fortune of riches.  But did you know that you actually are an heir of one of the wealthiest men in US History?  His name is Andrew Carnegie, and in his lifetime, he became the richest man in America. If you read his “Last Will and Testament,” you will find out that you are an heir of his vast fortune. His Will starts off with “I give and bequeath to the American people the greater portion of my vast fortune, which consists in the philosophy of individual achievement, through which all of my riches were accumulated…”   What that means is although he left his money (his golden eggs) to charity, he left us the “Goose that lays the golden eggs,” which is far more valuable.

The question is, will you claim and accept your rightful estate that Andrew Carnegie left you?  As is true of all wise people who leave their fortunes to their heirs, so too did Andrew Carnegie leave certain conditions to his heirs that they must follow to cash in on their inheritance.  The good news is, your share of the wealth estate that Andrew Carnegie left to you is waiting for you to cash in at any time you choose.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty