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A SIP of GIN for Sunday October 2, 2016

Sunday October 2, 2016

“A Sip of GIN A Day Keeps Success Coming Your Way”

Dear GIN Family,

I had a wonderful conversation last week with our legendary leader Ed Foreman on the subject of “Believing”.  It was a powerful dialogue that brought out many truths, one being is that “If we believe it, it is true”.  It was what Henry Ford meant when he said, “If you think you can or think you can’t, you are right”.  However, it goes even much deeper than that because we now have proven evidence by the most elite minds of science on earth, with state of the art technology that what we think and believe impacts, changes and moves physical matter.  Most adults would say there is no Santa Clause; however, if you believe in Santa Clause he will show up in your life.  There are lots of adult folks who are driving fancy cars, wearing the best of clothes, exotic gifts and diamond rings because a “Sugar Daddy” aka Santa Clause showed up in their life! (We got lots of Sugar Mama’s floating around too).

Yes, my dear brothers and sisters in GIN, dreams do come true and what you believe, really believe will always be true and come true in your life.  Take an invisible marker and right on your chest in big bold letters, “I Believe…and it does not matter what facts or people say”!   I know our good friend Ed Foreman is saying as he reads this, “Hallelujah”.

Join us tonight as I share 10 powerful things you need in order for your dreams to come true.  Call starts at 5:00 pm PST and the call in number is 562-304-9820 (no pin required).  Get plugged in so you keep from getting plugged up.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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