Dear GIN Family,

One hundred percent accuracy is the trademark of the most proficient businesses, sports people, trade craftsmen and financiers of the world.  GIN teaches and empowers its members to be some of the most elite professionals of the marketplace and world class citizens dedicated to uplift and inspire people in an honest, moral and ethical manner.  GIN allows us the platform to express and reach our full potential so that we can Be, Do and Have the things we desire. Our GIN curriculum teaches us that the objective of all levels of our training is to make us aware that we can reach and achieve our dreams.  Our results are our measuring gage of how much of the GIN materials we are understanding and using.

Getting GIN within gives us power and clarity without.  The more you engage in what I like to call “Higher Dimensional Living” or simply “Natural Living,” the more you find that life works in your favor.  Life is not an Adventure; life is a creation.  It only becomes an adventure when other people and circumstances are controlling and driving your life.  Life is designed so that you are in control one hundred percent of that time.  It is not designed to let go of the steering wheel and let other people drive and direct your life.   Who is in control of your Life?  If you are studying your GIN curriculum daily and allowing it to absorb into your DNA, you will find that you are sitting in the driver’s seat of your life and live from a point of creation instead of looking at life of chaos which the masses refer to as an Adventure.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty