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A SIP of GIN for Sunday August 28, 2016

Sunday August 28, 2016

“A Sip of GIN A Day Keeps Success Coming Your Way”

Dear GIN Family,

If we go back and review our GIN curriculum we will find over and over the objective of our training is to “Raise our Vibration and Lower our Resistance”.  This is the Rhythm of Success.  This process allows us to Be, Do and Have the things we desire in life.  Life is about excitement, fulfilment, exhilaration, about experiencing our dreams, working effortlessly through challenges and being a major contributor to the betterment of mankind.   Only as we continue to grow and evolve in love and light do we reach this level of living.  The good news is, each day we have the opportunity to grow and expand and head towards this life of abundance.

It all goes back to how much are we willing to invest in our own lives so that we can invest in the lives of others.  It is important to understand that we must be “filled up” before we can “give out”.  The process of “Burn Out” is always be giving out without taking the time to fill up.  Everyday Melinda and I work on giving our best to people and every project we do and this is why our first and best part of every day is devoted to filling up our energy tank, mental tank, physical tank and love tank.  We make it a number one rule to fill up first, and give out second.  The goal is to “Burn with Passion” not “Burn Out from Exhaustion”.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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