Dear Gin Family,

What do you really believe?  Life is designed to pull out of us what we really believe, and that is a good thing when what we preach and teach is in alignment to what we really believe.  Faith is not proven in victory; faith is proven in the lion’s den and in the fiery furnace.  The problem is never in the storm; the culprit is not being prepared when the storm comes.  If you truly live what you say you believe in, it will allow you to walk on water, calm the stormy sea, raise the dead, heal the sick and live in power and dominion.  Life calls on you to be a great leader, and if you say “yes” to this office, be ready to prove and demonstrate what you believe!  The good news is, when you walk out of the storm in victory, all life bows down before you and opens its treasures to you without limit!

Walk in your power and conquer the world around you. That is what you are designed and equipped to do.  Join us tonight for our live GIN call. You will be inspired and energized!

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty