Dear GIN Family,

The wealthiest “Gold Mines” in the world are in the key relationships you build. The way to build key relationships for a Lifetime of Riches is not to take more but to “Give” more.  This is a concept that only works when your relationships are built with high caliber, likeminded people.  This is why being part of a Mastermind group is so valuable, and what I term a “Power Asset.”  Not everyone belongs or deserves to be in your Power Asset circle of influence.  A goal you may want to consider is to become so valuable, such an asset to people, that others have to qualify to be part of your group.  This is the “Magic of Membership.”  Oh, by the way, have you seen the new movie called the Magic of Membership? It is one of the most powerful ways to establish your faith in “Advanced Curriculum,” producing real results in life.  I highly suggest you pick up your copy.

Once you establish your relationships, make it an “Investment Venture.” Give above and beyond to that relationship, and if you find that a relationship does not reciprocate with their “just dues,” do not hesitate to hit the “delete button.”  Sometimes, relationships do not work personally or professionally, so find the dance party that fits your style. 

Relationships: worth their weight in gold!

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty