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A SIP of GIN for Saturday September 24, 2016

Saturday September 24, 2016, 2016

Dear GIN Family,

We have heard that we should Dream Big!  And many people do Dream Big only to accomplish little.  Why is this?  What is wrong with the concept of Dreaming Big?  Why do so many people with Big Dreams never reach them?  Well, there as many reasons why as there are people on the planet, however I think one Big (pardon the pun) reason is they have the Dream Big equation wrong.

Yes, Dream Big, but…and this is one of those huge butts; in order for you to reach and fulfill your Big Dream, “You” must be bigger than your dream.  Did you get that?  You have to be bigger, in most cases much bigger than your dream.  This is another reason why Jim Rohn would always say, “Work more on you than you do on your business”.  The masses spend over eleven billion dollars a year on self-help material but the majority do not reach their little dreams let alone their big dreams, I’m convinced, because no one ever shared with them that they have to be bigger than their dreams.

Your income cannot go higher than your self-image.  Your business cannot grow beyond your conscious awareness.  Your life expansion cannot grow beyond your self-discipline.  Small thinking will never accomplish big goals.  People always ask Melinda and I what our secret is to having a successful marriage where you also work together, travel together and own multiple companies together?  Under logical thinking and conditions, and this kind of living and working environment, to have a successful marriage and business is…well like my brother Charlie would say, “It doesn’t make any Sense”.

The Secret happened fourteen years ago when we got married and we made this vow to each other; “You cannot change me, and I cannot change you, therefore, I will work on “Me” for you, if you work on “You” for me.  This vow has allowed us to enjoy “Heaven on Earth” instead of what normally would be “Hell on Earth”.  One Christmas our adult kinds looked at us and remarked, “Don’t you two ever get tired of each other”?  We smiled, laughed, and maybe even accidently passed some gas from laughing so hard and said…Nope!

Dream Big, yes, just make sure you become Bigger than your Dreams, and as Ace Ventura, the pet detective would say…” Well Alrightee Then”!

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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Adirah-Miryam Israel on Sunday, 25 September 2016 04:31

Thank you! That was exactly what I needed this morning.

Thank you! That was exactly what I needed this morning.
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