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A Sip of GIN for Saturday July 23

Dear GIN Family,

Fear is the number one enemy we must eliminate in our lives in order to progress forward and reach our dreams.  When we understand the in-depth process of our GIN curriculum, we soon realize that fear is a by-product of attempting to create the things we desire from the physical realm and the analytical part of our brains.  In other words, we are trying to figure out the “How.”  The physical realm of living is where fear takes it roots and does its most damage.  Fear will restrict your dreams, actions and freedom.

The good news is, as we get our GIN curriculum inside us, it removes fear from our lives.  Before I met Bob Shontz in person, I had spoken to him a number of times on the phone.  I instantly noticed something different about him but I could not put my finger on it.  It was about the third phone call I had with him that I realized what it was.  Bob Shontz had no fear in him!

Most human beings, (outside of GIN) no matter how confident they may appear or how powerful they seem have some form of fear within.  If you do not understand how to create the things you desire from the powers within, it is only a natural process to have fear.  If non-GIN members would only realize that our GIN curriculum could empower them to break the Fear Factors in their lives, they would sign up for GIN so fast, it would make their eyes lashes curl up.

Success Mastery is about Mastering our Lives, to enjoying our time on earth and being a major contributor and giver to others.  When fear is gone, faith and feeling good reigns large in our domain.  As a GIN member, I remind you that fear has no power over you; you can Be, Do and Have everything you desire, and it starts with the very simple process of “Feeling Good Now.”

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty
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Thursday, 21 October 2021
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