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A Sip of GIN for Monday, July 25

Dear GIN Family,

We all love stories, especially ones like Colonel Sanders who, at age fifty-five, was broke and hit the road with nothing more than a dream and a recipe for his now world-famous chicken.  We stand up and cheer as he tells how, at the start, he slept in his car for nine weeks and got rejected from everyone he pitched his chicken to for nine grueling months.  These are business war heroes who endured hell to reach their dreams, and when we hear these stories, they are like a healing salve to our bleeding business wounds of broken dreams and frustrating failures.  But the good news is, as GIN members we have a better way than this.  We do not have to endure long years of suffering, sacrifice and a host of failures that drain our lives.  The masses have to take this route of back-breaking misery to achieve their dreams.  Yes, these Chicken Soup for the Soul stories give non-GIN members hope to get back up one more time and that is praise worthy, but for us as GIN members, there is a much better way.

We get better results in less time with less pain.  We can learn to work less and earn more.  More peace and less stress, more joy with less sorrow.  If we work from just the physical realm of our intellect, better known as our Beta state or in GIN language trying to figure out the “How” of our dreams, we will be trapped in a viscous cycle of misery and despair.  However, once we learn how to create from our “Theta” state which is the part of our brain that connects all of us to the Source of Unlimited Supply, we can Be, Do and Have everything we desire without the “Desert Run” of Hell on earth.

How exciting is it to know that you and I have access to the greatest information in the world; knowledge that, if acted upon, can transform our lives and empower us to live out our dreams in power and joy.

Let’s feel good now and watch the magic happen right before our eyes.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty
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Thursday, 21 October 2021
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