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A Sip of GIN for Monday July 11

Dear GIN Family,

What is one of the most potent laws of the Universe?  It is love, of course, but should we choose to get a comprehensive working knowledge of love, I am sure you will find that it will enhance your everyday life and make life more powerful and enjoyable.  When we break down the elements of love, we find it has many parts, which, each in their own sphere, is a powerhouse. 

The first component of love to comprehend (which really is a “Triune Dynamic”) is Unity, Harmony and Alignment.  When this triune dynamic is working as it should, it becomes an unstoppable force, and that is why, since the beginning of time, all opposing forces have sought to bring down their opponent by inserting “Division.”  Even in the world of professional sports, if a Championship team falls prey to the deadly trap of division, it does so at the peril of its own destruction. 

When we look at our GIN membership, one of the key elements and benefits is that we are a movement of energy that operates in a spirit of unity, harmony and alignment, which is the principle of love.  The only way we can keep that love principle priority is by never wavering from our fundamental trainings, core values and ultimate mission.  These are our safety gages from drifting off and being swept away from the currents of division.   As long as you do these four following things, you will create the most magnificent life possible and continue to be a strong GIN member:

1.       Be dedicated and committed to our trainings and curriculum and never allow anyone to mislead you away from our training.  Not only because of the content, but also because of the “High Vibration” that is imbedded in them. 

2.       Stay true to what you “Do Know,” even when things arise that you don’t know.  In times of adversity, that is known as “holding your post or position.”  The message of Victory is clear: don’t abandon your GIN post!  Stay true and stay the course. 

3.       Stay plugged in, engage in our new website, share GIN with others, read the Sip of GIN daily and share it with others, participate in our Tuesday Membership Overview calls and our Live Sunday Night GIN call. 

4.       Follow your instinct. Our training teaches us this.  If something does not feel like GIN, in most cases, it’s not.  Listen to your inside and follow what is right, check it against your “Sweet Spot,” and even do a muscle testing. 

You are a GIN member. Use your training and put it into action!  Be strong, keep the faith, and remember: you were created to shine brightest when times are the darkest.  A flashlight during the day does but little good but becomes a life saver in the midnight hour.  GIN members, it is your time to Shine Bright! 

We love and appreciate each of you.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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Sunday, 16 May 2021
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