Dear GIN Family,

Did you know that one great Secret of Andrew Carnegie, the wealthiest man in America during his life time, was his method of acquiring his own personal and secret library?  As a very young man, he had amassed a personal library of 400 books!  In fact, this is one reason he had such a passion for libraries and left millions of dollars to build them.  Many have questioned from where Andrew Carnegie got his knowledge and wisdom, his Success Principles, and it comes down to the fact that not only was Andrew Carnegie a reader, but he built his own personal library for himself.

Here lies the Secret of many wealthy men including my Mentor who, in 1979-80, gave me $400.00 to buy books for myself.  That was a time when you could purchase a paperback book for seventy- five cents!  Today, when one wants to build massive success, I always start them off by building them their own personal, Secret Library.   From my early days, I had a rule. When it comes to books and building my personal library, there was no budget.  Because of this rule, thirty years later, I am able to live a life that requires no budget!  Fill your head first, and later your head will fill your pockets with gold.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty