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A SIP of GIN for Friday September 30, 2016

Friday September 30, 2016

“A Sip of GIN A Day Keeps Success Coming Your Way”

Dear GIN Family,

Many people are looking at today’s date a wondering where in the world did 2016 go?  In a blink of an eye we are not entering the last quarter on this year.  However, when you learn to maximize your day, know what you want out of life, understand the laws of higher dimensional living and keep focused each day is a Celebration of Life, and you will no longer have the feeling that the year just zoomed by, you will have the awareness that life is good and every day is a day filled with goodness.  Yesterday we had our first rain of the fall up here in the mountains where we live and since we just got home from a road trip it was a wonderful gift.  Once the rain started, even though it was a bit chilly, I tore off my shirt, shoes and socks and enjoyed a fantastic “Earth Shower”.  The energy that was present, the negative charged ions and aroma of fresh rain was what words can express.

As I stood out there in the mud and pouring rain, I danced in a rhythm of love, appreciation, and gratitude along with all the swaying pine trees and all of nature, thanking our Creator for the gift of life.

This is the power of life, this is what life is all about, enjoying the wonders of each day.  No I am not turning into a broke spiritual guru who states money is not important.  On the contrary, I am passionate about helping people get wealthy so they can live this lifestyle.  It takes wealth to be able to live how you want and do what you want.  I love being a “Millionaire Mountain Man”.

My Millionaire Mentor taught me early on, there is an easy way and a hard way to get Rich, I suggest you do it the easy way!  Join me this Sunday night on our live GIN call where I will share with you that easy way.

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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