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A Sip of Gin for Friday, July 1

Dear GIN Family,

The next part of your journey to “Ultimate Success” is to start developing your own personal “Secret Library.”  I started mine way back on January 2, 1980 in a private room as was taught to me by my Mentor.   The Secret Library is composed of books you read and a certain energetic study methodology you implement so that the information you learn becomes transferred into your cells and DNA from a vibration and frequency platform.  This type of study must be taught to you from a Master Mentor so that you can learn the root meaning of this and not just look at it as an educational or academic skill.

For instance, the information below was passed down to me came from an extremely wealthy businessman who not only created millions of dollars from business but held many degrees including an M.D. in 1912…

“When another person enters your magnetic field, what is it that passes from one to the other”? You are being magnetized and in the process you are assuming the qualities (energy) and characteristics of the person whom you are contacting.”

 I have an entire set of books and notes that are part of my Secret Library that has enabled me to get major things done at the speed of light.  I will share the method and books with you in a future Sip of GIN.  For now, just start planting the seeds of building your own Secret Library in your mind and Imagination. This is better known as the “Carnegie Principle.”

Don and Melinda Boyer

GIN Faculty 
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