My name is Blaine Athorn. I am one of the Senior Members of a very private and exclusive Worldwide Success Club called the Global Information Network.

Today, I have felt led to write you this letter and share with you the most valuable present or (gift) that I can give you.

As you read on and complete this letter you will discover many presents and gifts that myself and this exclusive organization will give you, by simply saying yes to yourself.

I encourage you to read this letter from start to finish. 

As you do, you will discover that there are many "Nuggets of Gold" buried in this letter that can help you attain all your desires in life.  Today you can unearth these "Nuggets of Gold" for yourself.

Some people may think to themselves, I don't have time to read this. They will put it off and perhaps will never know what they missed.

The truth is the time it takes to read this important letter will pass whether you complete it or not.

The difference is those who do read it and understand the true value of the gifts I am sharing will live a life of abundance that most people only dream about.

I encourage you to value yourself enough to read on, you are worth it. Yes you are.

You have received this letter because you may have been exposed to some information about the Global Information Network in the past.

Perhaps you listened to some or all of "Your Wish Is Your Command". This course is one of the most powerful self- improvement audio series ever released. Thousands of people all over the world paid $300 or more for this course. Some paid $10,000 each to attend the initial live training. If you have not listened to this you will learn how you can have access to this course FREE.

Perhaps you know one or more of our Members.

Perhaps you took a peak behind the curtain, but never got a chance to really see what is inside.

Perhaps you just got lucky enough to receive this and you don't know why.

Yes, the Universe works in mysterious ways.

Take a little time with me today. You are about to go on a journey that will allow you to more closely examine certain truths and certain secrets of success known only to the privileged few; the Elite Class or the Super Wealthy, the most successful men and women in history, and now exclusively to our Members in over 160 countries worldwide.

Today, we will just touch on a few truths and then I will reveal your presents.

This letter is called, "Your Present has Arrived."

The word "Present" really has two meanings:

One definition could be a gift that you give or receive. You will receive many gifts in today's letter that can translate to thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of dollars of value in your life.

The other definition of the word present refers to a unit of time, like the past, present or future.  Let's begin with this meaning.

Success Truth #1

Today is your present.

All the things in your life that you are experiencing in present time are a direct reflection of your past decisions.

  • Your financial satisfaction
  • Your health and wellness
  • Your happiness and bliss
  • Or your lack thereof.

Imagine today, we randomly selected one million people around the world and ask them to honestly answer these three questions:

Question #1

Today, in this present time, are you 100% satisfied with where your finances are at right now? Meaning, do you have all the money and assets you desire, so that you can do what you want, with whom you want and whenever you want, without any worry or pressure?

Question #2

Today, do you feel 100% satisfied with your overall health and wellness?  Meaning are you at your peak physical fitness, endurance, energy, vitality, weight and mental alertness? Do you have the health you want? Do you have the body you want?

Question #3

Today, are you living a life of true passion, true purpose, true happiness and complete bliss? Meaning do you live every day feeling 100% happy and blissful with every element of your life regardless of outside circumstances?

In my nearly six decades of living on this earth, I have had the privilege of meeting tens of thousands of people from all walks of life. When they answer these three questions honestly almost every single person has said they have room for improvement in at least one of these categories, if not all three.

You see we all know people who have achieved great wealth, yet they're still unhappy. We refer to them as the miserable millionaires or billionaires.

You know people who are health and fitness fanatics, yet struggle financially.

You know people who regardless of what they have or achieve still feel unfulfilled and feel unhappy with their circumstances or their relationships.

Imagine looking at your life honestly and then being able to increase your levels of satisfaction in the areas you most desire. How much is that worth? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Millions? The answer is, it's priceless because it's your life.

When you crack the code to achieving higher levels of satisfaction in these three areas of life, you have cracked the code to the "Trifecta of Success".

You will have joined the top 1% Club. 

You will learn and apply secrets to success that 99% of the people around the world are never exposed to with the precise recipe and exact road map that leads to greater success.

You can achieve all your desires. All you have to know is HOW.

This is what you receive when you become a Member of the Global Information Network.

This is why Members who are in the know refer to the Global Information Network (GIN) as the most powerful, predictable, result driven success club on the planet.

Many other people throughout the world have spent tens of thousands or even millions of dollars seeking higher education, more inside knowledge, secrets to success, mentoring and coaching.

Some people have spent a fortune on college tuition.

Some people join private, exclusive country clubs to mingle with other successful people.

Some go to every seminar and success boot camp that money can buy.

Some hire personal coaches and mentors.

I've spent time and money on most of these things prior to joining GIN.

All of these things can be good, but let me ask you this:

Why do 95% of all these people still never truly achieve the Trifecta of Success? Meaning the highest levels of satisfaction in the areas of wealth, health and true bliss?

The answer is they are spending a fortune and a massive amount of time to get bits and pieces of success, not the whole formula. There ARE missing ingredients that they don't know.

It's those missing ingredients that make all the difference.

Remember, you can't win the Triple Crown riding a horse that only has three legs.

I joined the Global Information network over 11 years ago and I've never looked back. I have observed men and women from all over the world achieve levels of success in their lives that most people only dream about, because our Members get the "MISSING INGREDIENTS" that create massive and fast success in every area of life.

GIN is the only club in the world that I know of that provides you with everything you need to be, do and have more in your life, to accomplish your most cherished Goals, Dreams and Desires.

You may be asking, "What do I receive with the Global Information Network system?

GIN delivers the perfect recipe of High-Tech and High-Touch.

Take a look at just some of your Member Benefits: 

  1. Member only Website Access: You have access 24 hours a day to a multi-million dollar success library of exclusive "Members Only" information teaching you HOW to manifest your desires. You get exclusive audios, written material, webinars and special trainings produced and archived for our Members since 2009. This alone would cost well over 20 million dollars to produce.  We are always adding new information that is released exclusively for Members only.


  1. Success Mastery Course:  You have instant access to the Level 1 of the Success Mastery Course authored by Kevin Trudeau. This training has changed people's lives in over 160 countries around the world and is priceless. It is being called the most powerful and effective "Success Training" ever delivered. There is nothing like this training anywhere in the world. It is available exclusively to Members. This audio course would cost over $50,000 if offered to the general public.


  1. The Science of Personal Mastery Course: written lessons authored by Kevin Trudeau that help unlock the true treasures inside of you. This course is exclusively for "Members Only". It shares the secrets of complete mastery in every area of life. You will attain inner peace, bliss and happiness as you go through this course that surpasses all human understanding. This is a one of a kind course that creates instant results in people.  Powerful and life changing.


  1. Worldwide Live Events:  This is the Magic of our "High-Touch." You have access to our 4 Major Weekend Events held in some of the most desirable locations throughout the world. All super successful people understand the value of tapping into the power of a high vibration peer group. Members pledge to help other Members first. You can develop relationships with Members all over the world. These relationships can become your riches. Additional events offered include:


  • Quarterly Virtual Seminars 
  •  Awards and Recognition Rallies
  • Local Chapter Meetings (in person and live)
  • Virtual Chapter Meetings 
  • Weekly Member Development Audios
  • Weekly Health and Wellness Training
  • Member Only Financial Tips and Inside Member Information
  • Real Information from real Members on the real Global Perspective
  • GIN Retreats and GIN "Adventures"
  • Exclusive Member Only Training held secret by the elite class and privileged few, and the list goes on and on


This is just the tip of the iceberg, or the Reader's Digest version of the huge list of benefits you will experience as a Member.

The timing could not be more perfect for you as we are expanding Member Benefits on all Levels as we prepare for 2022 and beyond. This means each Member is going to be receiving more and more benefits that are free and exclusive to "Members Only".

Congratulations. You made it this far and now I will help you see further.

Now I would like you to receive the first meaning of "present", which are your gifts.

Your First Present:

Membership in our Club is by invitation only. Not all member applications are accepted. 

Because I am personally extending this invitation to you, YOU are therefore approved for Membership.

This is an honor and a privilege.

Today, when you make the positive choice to accept my invitation to become a Member of GIN you will be joining Members from all over the world in a "Fraternal" brother and sisterhood. The relationships you will establish with other members will transform your life in ways you could not even imagine right now. 

The current initiation fee to join our Club is $495. 

However, if you accept my personal invitation to join our Club by November 30, I will gift you the initiation fee. You can join our Club for FREE. The $495 initiation fee will be waived.

Yes, this month when you join, your initiation fee is absolutely FREE.

As a new Member, you can immediately begin receiving all the benefits of Membership by simply activating your monthly membership dues of only $150 USD per month which is approximately 5 dollars per day. Yes, your life is worth far more than 5 dollars per day. Of course you can cancel at any time and pay nothing.  

I can share with you that the monthly dues will be increasing over the coming years, because the benefits to members will be increasing substantially. There will be many "Free Perks" for "Members Only".

However, when you choose to accept my personal invitation, as an additional incentive to help you make a positive decision and join our Club, I have been authorized to set up your membership so that your monthly dues are always honored at only $150. They will never increase "for life". You are very fortunate and very lucky.


Your Second Present:

In addition to waiving your $495 initiation fee, I would like to invite you as my guest to our next major weekend event coming up in Las Vegas NV in January.  

GIN Leadership Weekend will be held on January 14, 15 and 16th at the magnificent Mirage Hotel, Resort and Conference Center in spectacular Las Vegas.

This event ticket has a retail value for non-Members of $2,500 USD and a Member only price of $597.

You will receive your ticket absolutely FREE. (Simply reserve your room at our special Member only room rate and we will activate your FREE event ticket).

Note: This event is nearly sold out and we have many new Members joining every day this month. FREE event tickets will be given on a first come, first served basis and will be reserved for you immediately when you activate your Membership.

Your Third Present:

You will be assigned a high level Member of GIN as your personal sponsor. Your personal sponsor will:

  • Personally introduce themselves 
  • Introduce you to your Club and our many benefits
  • Be there for you, offering you support and help you attain your goals and dreams


Your sponsor has a great responsibility for you and your success. They are highly trained and take that responsibility very seriously. You are very lucky and fortunate 

Also, if you attend Leadership Weekend in Las Vegas you will be assigned an upper level Member that will be your "Host" at the event. They will show you around, will introduce you to other Members, and have a meal with you.  

Your personal "Host" will make sure you maximize your life enhancing experience at this life changing weekend event. 

Remember, Members pledge to help other Members first. Our Club is unique and special in this way. Members always get "Support" from other Members.

You will meet Members from all over the world. These Members will support you and help you reach your goals, dreams and desires.

Note: There is no obligation to attend this event but I highly encourage you to do so. The benefits will be priceless.

Success Truth #2 

The Secret to Living is Giving.

You may be wondering.... Why Blaine are you offering me these presents? 

The answer is simple.

All truly successful people know that when they give selflessly to others the Universe over time will return gifts back to you up to one hundred fold or more.

My hunch is, as your life continues to improve; you will be improving the lives of others.

Success Truth #3

We all have gifts to share. Each of us is born with certain gifts.

Many people go through their life never fully discovering their gifts. Many never fully develop their gifts and never fully share their gifts with others.

Yes, the truth is YOU have Gifts. What are your GIFTS?

As you further discover and develop your true gifts, how much value will you add to your life and the lives of those who care about you?

You are reading this letter during a time of the year that many call the holiday season.

You may be considering a gift that you would like for yourself or you may be thinking about a gift or gifts that you would like to give others.

You will be bombarded during this season with everything from Black Friday offers, Cyber Monday deals, and advertisements of all sorts trying to entice you to buy this or that. Most of which will have little to no long term value in your life.

A secret to success that all truly successful people know to be true is.... The greatest gift you can give to yourself and others is the gift of becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. 

When you make the decision to do that, you will truly live a purpose driven life.

You will have more to give others. Your Family, your Friends, your Co-Workers, your Community and YES, the world in which you live.

You see my friend... simply put that's what Membership in GIN is really about.

The Final Success Truth:

The last success truth we will examine today is what all true leaders understand.

Success is just a decision away.

Successful people are always DOING, what others are just talking about.

Successful people are always willing to do, what others are not willing to do. 

Most people feel overwhelmed by all the decisions they are faced with.

The truth is most people who are not 100% satisfied with their wealth, health, happiness and bliss, continue making the same decisions over and over again while expecting things to improve.

If you study super successful people, if you read biographies or auto biographies of leaders throughout history, you will know the secret to wise decisions.

You will learn more about this at your Leadership Weekend in Las Vegas.

All of these people attribute the majority of their success to just a few important decisions in their life. For the majority of them it was just one or two major decisions that made all the difference in their life.

Not hundreds of decisions or thousands of decisions.

One or two important decisions they recall very clearly.

There is always one decision that they say stands out from the rest.

Once they made that one decision, their future decisions became clearer, more focused and delivered better results.

Congratulations for reading this entire letter. By doing so you have already demonstrated your leadership and decision making qualities.

Today I invite you to make one simple decision.

Join GIN Today. Accept my invitation.

Members from all over the world have joined for the benefits and they have stayed for the results. Yes, their lives improve.

Say YES to your life.

Give yourself this present and watch the gifts unfold for yourself, for the rest of your life.

I will be there in Las Vegas, I hope you are too. I look forward to meeting you soon, shaking your hand and supporting your goals, dreams and desires.

May you never be the same and may you become all that you are destined to be.

Yours in Success Always,

Blaine Athorn


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