Welcome New Members for the months of April and May of 2020

A Huge Welcome to New GIN Members,

It is so great to have you here. We know that you are one of the smart ones. You want to live a happy and fulfilling and EXCITING life and you know that only YOU can make that happen.

New Members and legacy Members alike, please join us in welcoming fellow GIN Brothers and Sisters who have joined your club in June and July by watching the video above. Recognition is one of the key elements of this global movement and we definitely applaud and congratulate you on taking steps toward making sure that your goals and happiness are a priority.


As a Member, you now have immediate access to:

  • Your Weekly Member Development Series released to you on your GIN website every Sunday. This is roll–up-your-sleeves, dig deeper, results driven training.
  • Terrific Tuesdays with Tom Ward. A weekly check up from the neck up to move you forward all week long.
  • Wellness Wednesday hosted by Dr. Tom Morter along with special guests. This will give you weekly health and wellness information from trusted sources to maximize your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing every single day.
  • Financial Friday: Periodic financial tips and strategies, hosted by GIN's Global Expansion Director, Lee Kenny. Learn how to be strong financially while we shine the light on financial opportunities in a world where many others may feel trapped in fear and darkness.
  • Patenaude Power Up Series: monthly training hosted by Sifu Stephane Patenaude to help you Power Up your energy, endurance, cardio, mind, body and spirit.
  • Learn about the gift of Level VIII WITH K.T. FREE. A value of over $100,000 outside of the world of GIN.
  • Sponsor 3 and your Membership is FREE. Yes, you can qualify for Free Membership by simply helping 3 people.
  • Major and Local GIN Eventsall around the world, hosted by GIN Headquarters and GIN's Leadership. Lifelong friendships are created at our events, whether they are in a fellow Member's backyard over the BBQ or on the beaches of the world at exquisite 5-star resorts. Visit our GIN Events page for upcoming events in your area.
  • Success Mastery Course - Your success library with Official Training at GIN Membership Level 1, including hours and hours of training material to help you live the best life as you kick off your GIN Journey.
  • Library of Webinars - Watch on video as GIN's Faculty of world-renowned Speakers walk the walk.
  • Global Online Community-  Virtually meet with other GIN Members globally to build relationships and support and be supported.
  • GIN Communications- Hear first-hand new offers or benefits of YOUR club.
  • Hundreds of Audio Trainings from globally recognized Speakers and Mentors.
  • GIN's Monthly Newsletter- the GIN Report covers news, promotions, and events and features different Members every month. 
  • Welcome Email to guide you through the website to get your Journey off to a great start.
  • Personal Concierge to support you along the way.
  • FREE Lifetime Membership to Natural Cures, an online guide to overall health and wellness.

Did you know...

In addition to these benefits, your GIN Membership can be virtually free when you simply have a handful of others join you in your GIN Journey? You may use your personal recruiting link under Share GIN Referral on your Dashboard. Send this link to your prospects and when they signup they will automatically be placed in your Organization.

There is lots to learn. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions below to get quick answers to some of your questions. Still need help? That's ok! Our Specialists in GIN Member Services are always here for you.

Congratulations again for making a decision that will change your life in all the best ways. 

See you at the top!

With love and admiration for YOUR dreams,

Your Family at GIN Headquarters