You're invited!

Well, not so much you, Mom and Dad...but your favorite motivated young man or woman who is ready to kick their goals and dreams up a notch!

We are now accepting registrations for your 8-17 year old child, grandchild, neighbor or family member to attend the Youth Leadership Breakout on August 2nd in Denver at our upcoming Global Dream Celebration.


A fellow, very generous GIN Member has graciously offered this program in Denver to any child who would like to attend and is PICKING UP THE ENTIRE TICKET PRICE!

To register, please email GIN Member Services and we will get you registered right away.

Here to tell you more about the program are our successful and gracious hosts, Erin and Meg. Don't forget, to register please email Member Services or you will be charged. Your GIN Brother or Sister has anonymously volunteered to pay your child's registration for the weekend.

See you in Denver!
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